What To Serve With Beef Bourguignon? 21 Perfect Side Dishes! 

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Beef Bourguignon is one of the most delicious and luxurious French dishes. However, do you know what to serve with beef Bourguignon to preserve its explosive flavor?

Let’s discover 21 must-try sides to eat with beef bourguignon right now!

What To Serve With Beef Bourguignon?

Beef Bourguignon deserves equally exquisite side companions to elevate your dining experience. It can easily be paired with a wide range of desserts, such as panna cotta and tiramisu, or salads, especially green salads and arugula salads. In case you want to enhance the savory flavors of the dish, mashed potatoes are the best. You can also boost the dish’s richness with vegetables and harmonize the stew’s flavors with red wines.

What Dessert To Serve With Beef Bourguignon?

Beef Bourguignon is a timeless French culinary masterpiece characterized by the slow-cooked tenderness of beef simmered in red wine, traditionally paired with robust side dishes.

When contemplating a dessert to accompany Beef Bourguignon, it becomes crucial to contemplate flavor profiles and textures that harmonize with the luxury and complexity of the main dish.

Below are several recommendations to consider:

Beef Bourguignon served with crème brûlée 

what dessert to serve with beef bourguignon creme brulee
Creme Brulee

If you want to thoroughly enjoy Beef Bourguignon’s savory flavors, Crème Brûlée is a great choice. This dessert has a caramelized sugar top that provides a wonderful contrast to the beef bourguignon.

Especially if you have a sweet tooth, there is no reason to regret this dessert. The creamy custard base and a subtle hint of vanilla will create an elegant sweetness that complements the savory depth of Beef Bourguignon.

Beef Bourguignon served with chocolate mousse

what dessert to serve with beef bourguignon chocolate mousse
Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse’s indulgent and airy texture makes it an excellent choice to pair with Beef Bourguignon. Its intense chocolate flavor complements the depth of the stewed beef, creating a harmonious pairing.

Furthermore, pairing two dishes with such distinct tastes and textures can help you have an interesting sensory experience.

Beef Bourguignon served with fruit tart 

what dessert to serve with beef bourguignon fruit tart
Fruit Tart

Fruit tarts will be an ideal option if you do not know what to serve with Beef Bourguignon as well as corned, processed beef. A fruit tart like raspberry or mixed berry will add a refreshing touch to the meal. The fruit’s natural sweetness and tartness offset the main course’s richness.

You can also try the apricot tart, which provides a wild sourness and a subtle sweetness. This flavor mixing can be pretty pleasing when enjoyed alongside Beef Bourguignon.

Beef Bourguignon served with panna cotta 

what dessert to serve with beef bourguignon panna cotta
Panna Cotta

Silky panna cotta with a berry compote like strawberries, raspberries, or citrus sauce offers a light and satisfying dessert. Its creamy texture complements the savory flavors of Beef Bourguignon without overwhelming the palate.

Another reason that makes panna cotta a must-try dessert when serving Beef Bourguignon is the light and heavy balance this side dish brings to the meal.

Beef Bourguignon served with cheese plate 

what dessert to serve with beef bourguignon cheese plate
Cheese Plate

A cheese plate will be an intelligent selection to eat with Beef Bourguignon if you prefer to boost the savory taste during the meal.

You can consider a cheese plate with various cheeses, nuts, and crusty bread. Incorporating French cheeses like Brie or Camembert will be the best choice if you want to enjoy an authentic touch. 

Beef Bourguignon served with tiramisu

what dessert to serve with beef bourguignon tiramisu

While not French, tiramisu is a popular Italian dessert that pairs surprisingly well with Beef Bourguignon. The coffee-soaked ladyfingers and creamy mascarpone provide a delightful contrast to the hearty stew.

What Salad to Serve With Beef Bourguignon?

A common answer to the question “What to serve with Beef Bourguignon?” is salad, a simple and fresh side to complement the dish without overpowering its flavors.

Here are some salad options to serve with Beef Bourguignon:

Beef Bourguignon served with green salad

what salad to serve with beef bourguignon green salad
Green salad

Green salad is one of the most appreciated sides to combine with Beef Bourguignon. A basic green salad with several fresh vegetables, such as spinach or mesclun, can taste great when combined with Beef Bourguignon. 

All you need to do is toss these greens with a light vinaigrette made from olive oil and your choice of vinegar or lemon juice. This will help balance the indulgent richness of the Beef Bourguignon.

Green salad is also a perfect side dish for beef stew, which is pretty similar to beef bourguignon.

Beef Bourguignon served with arugula salad

what salad to serve with beef bourguignon arugula salad
Arugula salad

Combining Beef Bourguignon with an arugula salad makes for an excellent pairing. The arugula’s peppery and subtly bitter characteristics create a delightful contrast to the stew’s opulent and savory profile. 

Moreover, this arugula salad contributes both a refreshing burst of color to your meal and a complementary layer of flavors to the Beef Bourguignon, thanks to its peppery kick and zesty dressing.

Beef Bourguignon served with butter lettuce

what salad to serve with beef bourguignon butter lettuce
Butter lettuce salad

If you are a fan of lettuce, do not miss the ultimate combination of Beef Bourguignon and butter lettuce. Butter lettuce leaves are renowned for their tender texture and subtly sweet taste. They make an excellent choice for a delicate and refreshing side salad.

Moreover, the mild, slightly sweet taste of butter lettuce is pretty comfortable for almost all people. When paired with Beef Bourguignon, this salad will enhance the overall dining experience.

What Starch To Serve With Beef Bourguignon?

When it comes to serving Beef Bourguignon, choosing the right starch side dish is crucial to enhancing the dining experience. This French classic, known for its rich and flavorful profile, pairs wonderfully with certain starch options.

Here are some choices to consider:

Beef Bourguignon served with rice

what starch to serve with beef bourguignon rice
Beef Bourguignon with rice

While you serve Beef Bourguignon with rice, you can use both white and brown rice. In general, rice can serve as a neutral base that allows the rich flavors of the beef stew to take center stage.

If you prefer more nutritional value in your meal, brown rice will be the best choice since it contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. 

If you want a starch option that is milder in flavor and softer in texture, white rice is an ideal option to serve with Beef Bourguignon. 

Beef Bourguignon served with pasta

what starch to serve with beef bourguignon pasta
Beef Bourguignon with pasta

Even though pasta is not a traditional side dish to serve with Beef Bourguignon, you can still combine these dishes for a delicious twist. 

You can use wide, flat noodles like pappardelle or fettuccine to make a pasta dish that provides a pleasing contrast in flavors with Beef Bourguignon. In addition, egg noodles are also one of the best side dishes to eat with this French dish to enhance the flavors of the stew.

Beef Bourguignon served with potatoes

what vegetables to serve with beef bourguignon potatoes
Beef Bourguignon with potatoes

Mashed potatoes

One of the most popular ways to eat Beef Bourguignon is by combining it with mashed potatoes. The velvety texture and buttery flavor of mashed potatoes create a delightful contrast to the savory, wine-infused sauce of the dish. Beef Bourguignon would be perfect when served with garlic mashed potatoes or horseradish mashed potatoes. 

Boiled potatoes

A simpler combination is boiled potatoes and Beef Bourguignon. You can boil whole or halved small potatoes until they are fork-tender. Then, drain and toss them with a touch of melted butter, a pinch of salt, and freshly chopped herbs like parsley or thyme.

Roasted potatoes

For a crispy alternative, cut potatoes into small cubes. Coat them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and herbs, then roast them in the oven until they turn golden brown and are delightfully crispy. Roasted potatoes will be a great option to highlight the silky texture of Beef Bourguignon. 

What To Serve With Beef Bourguignon: Best Vegetables

Garden tomato

what vegetables to serve with beef bourguignon mushrooms
Beef Bourguignon with tomatoes

Garden tomatoes are what you need to add a burst of freshness and a touch of acidity to Beef Bourguignon. You can use tomatoes as a side dish or mix them into the beef stew before eating.

The mild sour taste mixed with a little sweetness of garden tomatoes not only makes the beef bourguignon melt in the mouth but also keeps the dish from being too greasy.


what vegetables to serve with beef bourguignon broccolini

Broccolini might not be a popular broccoli; however, it can offer an equally delicious and nutritious side dish to serve with rich and hearty Beef Bourguignon. 

To make a mouthwatering side dish from this vegetable, you just need to sauté it in some olive oil and garlic, then season with a pinch of salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and a spritz of lemon juice.

Green beans

what vegetables to serve with beef bourguignon Green beans
Green beans served with Beef Bourguignon

Green beans will be a delightful and healthy side dish that pairs perfectly with Beef Bourguignon. These green beans are coated in a flavorful balsamic glaze, creating a zesty and crispy accompaniment that beautifully complements the rich stew.

Incorporating a side dish like green beans into a Beef Bourguignon masterpiece goes beyond aesthetics; it contributes both visually with its vibrant colors and adds a revitalizing and complementary layer to the overall flavor experience.


what vegetables to serve with beef bourguignon mushrooms
Beef Bourguignon cooked with mushrooms

Mushrooms are a traditional choice to serve with Beef Bourguignon. They are also a must-have ingredient in this dish. 

You can use button mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, or even wild mushrooms such as shiitake to have a deep and tangy flavor.

What Wine To Serve With Beef Bourguignon?

Red wines

what wine to serve with beef bourguignon red wines
Red wines

The most popular red wine to serve with Beef Bourguignon is Red Burgundy. This wine originates from the Burgundy region in France, where Beef Bourguignon was first created.

This wine typically offers delicate red fruit flavors like cherry and raspberry, earthy undertones, and well-balanced acidity. Its elegance and finesse complement the richness of the stew, creating a harmonious pairing.

In addition, you can also use other red wines, such as Pinot Noir wines from regions such as Oregon or California.


what wine to serve with beef bourguignon Merlot wine
Merlot wine

A well-balanced Merlot, characterized by its soft tannins and flavors of plum or cherry, can complement Beef Bourguignon nicely. This is a good selection if you prefer a smoother and more approachable wine.

Merlot’s fruity undertones and velvety texture make it a perfect complement to Beef Bourguignon, enhancing the overall dining experience. Savor the luxurious French stew alongside a glass of Merlot, embarking on a delightful culinary adventure that melds flavors and sensations seamlessly.


what wine to serve with beef bourguignon Bordeaux
Bordeaux wine

Some individuals opt for a Bordeaux wine, especially one from the Left Bank. Bordeaux wines are usually blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and other grape varieties. 

They often feature black fruit flavors, a more substantial structure, and slightly firmer tannins compared to Burgundy wines. While it’s a bolder choice, it can work well if you prefer a wine with a bit more robustness.


What do the French eat with Beef Bourguignon?

Generally, boiled baby potatoes or mashed potatoes are the common sides that the French serve with Beef Bourguignon. 

Is Beef Bourguignon served in a bowl or plate?

Beef Bourguignon is traditionally served in a bowl. However, people also use plates to serve this dish since this allows for a more elegant presentation and allows cooks to showcase different components of the dish.

Is Cabernet Sauvignon good for Beef Bourguignon?

Yes, it is an ideal wine to serve with beef Bourguignon. Its bold flavor complements the robust and savory characteristics of the dish.


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