How Long To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer: Detailed Instructions And Tips

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Reheating steak is a common culinary challenge since the best way to reheat steak without sacrificing taste or texture can be elusive. However, utilizing your air fryer for leftover steak can be the solution, and we’ll dive into all the steps to get the job done well.

How Long To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer?

When it comes to reheating steak in the air fryer, the time it takes can depend on a few factors, including the thickness and doneness of the steak.

As a general guide, a whole, medium-rare steak might require around 5-6 minutes in the air fryer basket at 370°F to reach a suitable temperature without overcooking. For sliced steak in the air fryer, you’re looking at a shorter timeframe, typically around 3-4 minutes at the same temperature.

Remember, these times are just a starting point. Always check your steak’s internal temperature to ensure it’s properly heated. Unlike the microwave, using an air fryer lets you control the reheating process to prevent overcooking precisely. 

How Long To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer?
How Long To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer?

The Benefits Of Using An Air Fryer For Reheating Steak

The air fryer offers numerous advantages when it comes to reheating your steak, particularly in maintaining its taste, texture, and nutritional value.

Maintaining the taste and texture

The circulating hot air in an air fryer ensures your steak heats evenly and quickly, which helps to maintain the original taste and texture of the steak without drying it out. It’s one of the best ways to reheat leftover steak.

Unlike other methods, using an air fry to reheat your steak will prevent it from becoming tough or rubbery. Simply place your piece of steak in the air fryer basket and set the correct temperature and time. It’s as easy as that!

Preserving nutritional value

Another perk of using an air fryer is the preservation of nutritional value. The hot air ensures a quick reheating process, which helps to keep the beneficial nutrients intact in the steak.

As with cooking fresh steak, you must preheat the air fryer before adding your leftover steak to the basket. This ensures the steak is heated rapidly and reduces the chances of drying out. Not only does it result in a juicy steak, but it also maintains its nutritional value.

What are the benefits of using an air fryer for reheating steak
What are the benefits of using an air fryer for reheating steak

Step-By-Step Guide On How Long To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer

Now that we’ve tackled the basics of how long to reheat steak in air fryer,” let’s focus on some steps to make the process smoother. Below is a detailed guide that will help you learn how to reheat steak using the air fryer method, ensuring a juicy and flavorful steak every time.

Preparing your steak for reheating

Before you add the steak to your air fryer, let it come to room temperature. It’s tricky to reheat a steak from the refrigerator because the outside can cook faster than the inside, resulting in uneven heating. So, ensure your steak rests at room temperature for about 20-30 minutes.

Setting the right temperature and time

Once your steak is ready, preheat your air fryer. A good air fryer temperature to reheat steak is around 370°F (187°C). The cooking time for the steak will depend on the thickness and doneness of your steak. A medium rare steak, for example, might take about 5-6 minutes. Remember, these times are estimates.

The actual time it takes to reheat the steak in your air fryer might vary depending on the type of steak and the model of your air fryer.

Reheating in an air fryer, with its circulating air, ensures that even a thick steak heats evenly, preserving the original flavor and texture. It’s a great way to breathe new life into your leftovers, allowing you to enjoy your steak in a whole new way.

Guide On How Long To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer
Guide On How Long To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer

How to check if the steak is heated properly

Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature to ensure your steak is heated properly. The reheated steak should reach an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C). If it hasn’t reached this temperature after the initial cooking time, continue heating up the leftover steak in your air fryer, checking the temperature every minute.

The air fryer method can help you reheat a steak without sacrificing flavor or texture. By following these steps, you can enjoy a delectable, reheated steak that tastes as if it’s fresh off the grill.

Tips For Serving And Storing Reheated Steak

Once you’ve figured out how long to reheat steak in air fryer, the next step is to serve it with a flourish and store any leftovers properly.

Suggested garnishes and side dishes

The cut of steak you have can be enhanced with some thoughtful garnishes and side dishes. Once you remove the steak from the air fryer basket, let it rest for a few minutes. This will allow the juices to redistribute throughout the steak, enhancing its flavor.

You can place the steak on a bed of sautéed onions and mushrooms for a flavorful twist. Other side dishes that pair well with steak include a simple baked potato, grilled vegetables, or a fresh salad.

These side dishes are also perfect for Beef Bourguignon, a French dish with savory and rich flavors that is worth a try.

Don’t forget to explore recipes for air fryer side dishes as well! The amount of protein in 6 oz steak is enough for your health, too.

Serving Reheated Steak
Serving Reheated Steak

Proper storage techniques for leftover steak

If you have steak leftovers after your meal, storing them correctly is crucial for maintaining their taste and quality. Let the steak cool to room temperature, then place it in an airtight container. If you’re planning to reheat steak in your air fryer again, storing it in a single layer will make it easier to flip the steak during the reheating process.

Remember, an air fryer works better with steak that’s stored properly. Steak can last in the fridge for about 3-4 days, but for longer storage, you can freeze it for up to 3 months.


Is it better to reheat steak in an air fryer or microwave?

Utilizing an air fryer for reheating food is highly recommended. It excels at restoring the warmth, crispiness, and exquisite flavors of your favored dishes, from a tender steak to a scrumptious slice of pizza.

Should you flip a steak in an air fryer?

Yes, turning your steak halfway through the cooking process in the air fryer, similar to oven roasting or pan-searing, is advised. This practice ensures your steak cooks uniformly and obtains a sear on both sides.

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