Does KFC Have Grilled Chicken On The KFC Menu?

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KFC, short for Kentucky Fried Chicken, is famous for its fried chicken fast-food items. Many wonder, “Does KFC have grilled chicken?” KFC has made some changes to its menu over the years, and the answer can vary depending on local KFC locations. So, it’s good to check with your local KFC restaurant to see if grilled chicken is an option.

Does KFC Have grilled Chicken?

KFC introduced grilled chicken once as a more nutritious choice next to their famous extra-crispy fried chicken. This KFC grilled chicken marries the same 11 herbs and spices that make KFC special. 

KFC stopped selling grilled chicken in most locations.

Previously, you could get grilled chicken pieces, like chicken breast and thigh, in a bucket. This was a big deal for people wanting nutritious fast-food choices at KFC. Sadly, the grilled chicken didn’t sell well enough to stay on the menu for good.

Why did KFC stop selling grilled chicken?

If you’re wondering about the availability of grilled chicken at a KFC near you, the best thing to do is check the KFC website or call your local KFC restaurant. The grilled option may still be around in some places, but it mostly depends on the location.

Grilled Chicken As A Good Option

If you’re wondering, “Does KFC have grilled chicken?” The short answer is no, at least not in most places in the U.S. But it’s worth remembering that it used to be a good option on the menu.

Nutritional comparison between KFC’s original recipe and grilled chicken

Here are some nutrition facts about the differences between KFC’s original recipe and grilled chicken:

  • Menu Item: When KFC offered grilled chicken, it was listed as Kentucky Grilled Chicken on the menu.
  • Cooking Method: Unlike the original fried chicken, this chicken was marinated and seasoned, then cooked in an oven.
  • Nutritional Information: The menu breakdown showed that grilled chicken breast had fewer calories and less fat than the original recipe.

This was great for chicken lovers who cared about the numbers, like calories and fat.

Benefits of opting for grilled chicken

Choosing grilled chicken had its benefits. The chicken was slow-grilled to perfection, so it was cooked slowly to keep it juicy but without the extra fat from frying. Even though KFC has removed grilled chicken from its menu in most U.S. locations, the choice has been a welcome one for those wanting a lighter option.

Benefits Of Opting For Grilled Chicken
Benefits Of Opting For Grilled Chicken

How To Find Out If Your Local KFC Offers Grilled Chicken

Steps to check the menu online

  1. Go to the KFC Website: KFC is famous for its fried chicken but sometimes offers other options like grilled chicken. The first step to determining if grilled chicken is available is to visit the KFC website.
  2. Choose Your Location: Since KFC is the largest fast-food chain in the world, the menu can change from one restaurant to another. Make sure to pick your local KFC.
  3. Check the Menu: Look for grilled chicken in the menu section. If you see it, that means your local KFC offers this option.

Contacting your local KFC for specific offerings

If you don’t see it online, calling your local KFC for more specific offerings is a good idea. When you call, don’t just ask if they have chicken; KFC restaurants offer chicken in all their restaurants. You want to know whether they have added grilled chicken to their menu as an alternative to their well-known extra crispy fried chicken. Doing this lets you determine if grilled chicken is an option at your local KFC.

Alternative Options At KFC

If you’re asking, “Does KFC have grilled chicken?” and find out it’s unavailable, don’t worry. There are other lighter choices you can make at KFC.

  • Corn on the Cob: Instead of picking sides high in fat, go for corn on the cob. It has fewer carbs and only around 90 calories, making it one of the better options. Corn on the cob can also go with chicken pot pie.
  • Chicken Sandwiches: You might not find pieces of grilled chicken, but KFC does offer chicken sandwiches that can be an alternative to an extra crispy chicken breast. Just be careful with the sauces and extras.
KFC Chicken Sandwich
KFC Chicken Sandwich
  • Gravy and Sides: While gravy is tasty, it adds many calories and grams of fat. Consider skipping it or using it sparingly. Also, you might choose veggies or a salad instead of sides and a biscuit.
  • Roasted Chicken: Some KFC locations might offer roasted chicken, which, like grilled chicken, is marinated in the 11 secret herbs and spices. Roasted chicken typically has fewer grams of fat than its fried counterpart.
  • Check for Special Items: Sometimes, KFC adds special items like grilled chicken gluten-free options to its menu. So always check the menu for options to choose from.


Does KFC have Kentucky Grilled Chicken?

Most KFC locations no longer offer Kentucky Grilled Chicken on their menu. It was an option but was eventually discontinued. However, availability can vary by location, so it’s a good idea to check your local KFC’s menu or call them to confirm.

What’s the best choice at KFC?

You could go for:
Grilled chicken breast;
A house salad;
Light Italian dressing;
Green beans as a side;
An oatmeal cookie for dessert.

Can I eat KFC on a diet?

Yes, KFC has some options that are okay for different diets, like gluten-free, low-carb, and diabetes-friendly. However, KFC has few choices for people on low-FODMAP or vegan diets.

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