When Does McDonald’s Start Serving Lunch? A Guide to Lunch Menus and Breakfast and Lunch Menus

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Welcome to our guide that answers the question: When does McDonald’s start serving lunch? Knowing McDonald’s serving times for different menus is crucial for satisfying those specific food cravings, whether it’s breakfast or lunch items you’re after.

In this article, we’ll explore McDonald’s lunch hours, the transition from breakfast to lunch, and compare menu options to optimize your dining experience.

When Does McDonald’s Start Serving Lunch?

Specific time details for lunch service start

The standard time for most McDonald’s locations to switch from breakfast to lunch is 10:30 a.m. local time from Monday through Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can typically expect the transition to happen around 11 a.m.

However, some McDonald’s locations that are open 24 hours a day may start serving lunch a bit earlier.

When Does McDonald's Start Serving Lunch?
When does McDonald’s start serving lunch?

Any exceptions to the rule

There are some variations on these lunchtime rules. For instance, McDonald’s restaurants in busy or high-traffic areas might start their lunch service a bit earlier than the norm. During holidays, switching from breakfast to lunch menus could also vary depending on local customs or demand.

Some McDonald’s locations also offer an all-day breakfast menu, meaning you can get certain breakfast items at any time. It’s best to check your local McDonald’s weekday and weekend schedules, especially if you’re planning a visit during a holiday or are in a different time zone.

So there you have it—a detailed look into when McDonald’s starts serving lunch, complete with exceptions and variations you might encounter.

How to find out which McDonald’s serves lunch nearby

Here’s how you can find out which McDonald’s locations serve lunch near you, listed from the most effective methods to other helpful options:

  • McDonald’s Official Website or Mobile App: The most reliable source for accurate and up-to-date information on restaurant hours and services. Use the “Locate” or “Find a Restaurant” feature to find nearby McDonald’s, then check each location’s details for lunch hours.
  • Google Maps: Search for “McDonald’s” to see nearby locations on Google Maps. Click on each restaurant to view its hours of operation, including specific notes about lunch hours.
McDonald's nearby
  • Contact the Restaurant Directly: For the most accurate information, call the McDonald’s location directly. The phone number can be found in the restaurant’s details on the McDonald’s website or app, or through Google Maps.
  • Use the Store Locator Feature: Both the McDonald’s website and app have a store locator function that allows you to manually enter your location details. This provides a list of nearby restaurants along with their service hours.
  • Social Media and Local Listings: Check the local McDonald’s restaurant’s pages on social media platforms like Facebook or business listing sites like Yelp for hours of operation and lunch service times.

By starting with the official sources and then verifying with direct contact or checking online maps and local listings, you can ensure you have the most current information regarding lunch hours at your nearby McDonald’s.

Transition From Breakfast To Lunch

Transition From Breakfast To Lunch
Transition From Breakfast To Lunch

How McDonald’s switches from breakfast to lunch menus

You might be wondering how and when does McDonald’s start serving lunch after its breakfast hours. Here’s how it works: This fast-food chain usually starts serving breakfast early in the morning and then switches to its regular lunch menu at specific times. In most places, McDonald’s typically starts serving lunch at 10:30 a.m. local hours from Monday to Friday and around 11 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Any overlap between the two menus

Is there a time when you can get both breakfast and lunch items? The short answer is not usually. McDonald’s generally switches from breakfast to lunch pretty quickly. However, some locations offer certain breakfast items all day but don’t serve lunch all day. So you can’t get a Big Mac first thing in the morning, but you might be able to get a Sausage McMuffin in the afternoon.

In summary, knowing the time McDonald’s starts serving lunch can help you plan your meal better. Whether you’re an early bird or a late riser, McDonald’s has got you covered, but remember to check the local hours for the most accurate information.

What’s On The Lunch Menu?

What's On The Lunch Menu?
What’s On The Lunch Menu?

After you’ve figured out when McDonald’s starts serving lunch, you’ll probably want to know what you can order. Here’s a quick rundown of popular items you can order for lunch at McDonald’s:

  • Chicken McNuggets: These are bite-sized chicken pieces that are a favorite for many.
  • Quarter Pounder: This is a beef burger with cheese, and it’s pretty filling.
  • Happy Meal: Great for kids, it comes with a small toy and a choice of menu items.

Note: Even though McDonald’s serves breakfast in the morning, you won’t find items like Egg McMuffins and hash browns on the regular lunch menu.

Limited-time offers or seasonal specials

Sometimes, McDonald’s has special items that are not always on the menu. These could be:

  • Seasonal Specials: Like a pumpkin spice latte in the fall.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Sometimes, they bring in a new burger or shake for a short time.
  • Secret Menu: If you know what to ask for, you might get some ‘secret’ items.

So, there’s a lot more you can explore beyond the regular lunch items. Watch for these special offers the next time you order lunch at McDonald’s.


Can you get burgers at McDonald’s during breakfast?

You can order any time McDonald’s is open, but most places won’t have burgers and fries ready until 11 a.m. Before that, you can enjoy breakfast items like the Egg McMuffins.

Can I get a Happy Meal in the morning?

McDonald’s offers Happy Meals at the same time lunch starts, which is 10:30 a.m. from Monday to Friday and 11 a.m. on weekends.

Can you get normal McDonald’s at breakfast?

The kitchen can’t make the regular menu and breakfast items simultaneously because they’re cooked differently. So, you’ll have to stick with the breakfast menu in the morning.


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