Edith has had a passion for making pastries since she was a young girl watching her grandmother bake for her ten kids plus grandchildren. She was easily inspired by the masterpieces she would muster up for such a large family, they were never short of extravagant. She was only 10 years old and yet the fire in her heart for baking had been ignited.

Edith started at the bottom, like everyone must, and worked her way up until she was presented with a life altering opportunity. A French master pastry chef took Edith under her wing and taught her everything there is to know about the art of French pastries. Everything she was taught, she took to heart and worked on and perfected until she was able to teach people the art of French pastries.

She wanted to share her love of baking with others in another way besides teaching but her own bakery was just not an option yet. She was able to find a temporary outlet in creating specialty cakes for friends and family. She did this for ten years and established a large following for her wedding cakes.

During this time, she also had the opportunity to have some of her very own creations featured in some restaurant menus throughout the DFW metroplex. Things were going better than she could’ve ever hoped for, but then like life does, it threw a wrench in her plans.

Her son faced a near death experience and Edith and her husband’s life came momentarily crashing down around them.  But just like his parents, their son was a warrior, and he fought hard and made a miraculous recovery a month and a half later.  They were so over joyed and realized they couldn’t take this blessing for granted, so they decided to make the best out of a horrible situation. Edith and her husband were determined now, more than ever, to make Edith’s dream of a bakery finally become a reality.  That’s what brings us here today, nearly a year later since the day her son was released from the hospital