Can I Feed My Cat Chicken Everyday? Understanding Raw and Boiled Options

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Many cat owners ask, “Can I feed my cat chicken everyday?” as they explore dietary options for their pets. Historically, chicken has been a favored treat for our feline friends due to its nutritional benefits.

With the rising popularity of both raw and boiled chicken meals, it’s evident that pet owners are keen on introducing healthier options into their cats’ diets. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of serving raw and boiled chicken to our feline companions.

Can I Feed My Cat Chicken Everyday?

The simple answer is no. Although cats are carnivores and chicken is a good source of protein they require, it’s essential to recognize that a cat’s diet needs variety and balance. While cats love the taste of chicken, relying on it daily can deny them the diverse nutrients they get from specially formulated cat food.

It's not good to feed your cat chicken everyday
It’s not good to feed your cat chicken everyday

The risks of feeding chickens daily

Feeding your cat chicken daily might seem delightful due to its protein content. However, solely relying on chicken can lead to nutritional imbalances in the long run. Comprehensive cat food formulations are designed to cater to a feline’s essential nutritional needs, ensuring a balanced diet that mere chicken cannot provide. It is the same with feeding hamster chicken; you should feed them in moderation.

It’s essential to remember that a cat’s diet needs to be varied and balanced, offering a full range of required nutrients.

The risks of feeding chicken daily:

  • Potential for significant nutritional imbalances.
  • Lack of essential nutrients like taurine, fatty acids, and certain vitamins.
  • Deprivation of fiber and other digestive health ingredients.
  • Over-reliance on chicken can overshadow the benefits of a diverse diet.
  • Risk of chicken bone fragments in raw chicken which is harmful to cats.
  • Possible exposure to bacteria like salmonella in raw chicken.

While chicken is a beloved treat, and many cats eagerly await their chance to eat it, it’s advisable to feed chicken on a regular basis but not daily. Offering chicken to supplement their regular cat food two to three times weekly ensures a diverse and balanced diet.

Benefits Of Feeding Chicken To Cats

Feeding chicken to your cat is not only a treat they often crave but also brings with it several nutritional benefits. While the question “Can I feed my cat chicken everyday?” is valid, understanding the advantages can help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of feeding chicken to cats
Benefits of feeding chicken to cats

Nutritional value of chicken for feline diet

Chicken Contains Essential Nutrients: Chicken, especially chicken breast, is a rich source of protein which is essential for cats as they are obligate carnivores.

  • Boneless Advantage: Always give your cat boneless chicken to prevent choking hazards or internal injuries.
  • Obligate Carnivores: Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they primarily eat meat. Thus, chicken aligns well with their natural dietary preferences.
  • Natural Source: Chicken is a natural source of many vitamins and minerals vital for cat health.

How it can enhance their regular food

  • Tasteful Addition: If your cat wants to eat chicken, mixing it with their regular cat food can enhance the flavor and make mealtime exciting.
  • Variety in Diet: While diets for cats should be consistent, occasionally introducing chicken can offer them a refreshing change.
  • Boosting Protein: Chicken can be a great supplement for cats needing additional protein, such as those recovering or underweight.

Remember, while chicken can be beneficial, it’s crucial to cook chicken properly before offering it to keep your cat safe from potential bacterial infections. Always consult a vet regarding the best chicken preparations and frequency for your feline friend.

The Debate: Raw vs. Boiled Chicken

“Can I feed my cat chicken everyday?” is a question that often leads to another debate: Should it be raw or boiled? Each method comes with its set of pros and cons, impacting the nutrition the cat receives and their overall health. Let’s dive into the comparisons.

Raw chicken


  • Natural Diet: Cats are natural predators, and raw meat aligns closely with what they might eat in the wild.
  • Rich Nutrients: Raw chicken can ensure that the cat receives the full range of nutrients without being destroyed by cooking.


  • Safety Concerns: Raw chicken can contain harmful bacteria, which might be unsafe for cats.
  • Digestive Issues: Some cats might not adjust well to raw meat initially, which can cause your cat digestive problems.

Boiled chicken


  • Safer Option: Boiling chicken ensures that harmful pathogens are killed, making it safer for your cat to eat.
  • Easy to Shred: Once boiled, it’s easier to shred the chicken, allowing you to mix it with other foods like chicken and rice.
  • Digestibility: Boiled chicken is generally easier for cats to digest, reducing the risk of stomach upsets.


  • Loss of Some Nutrients: The boiling process can lead to a loss of some nutrients, though the chicken remains a good protein source.
  • Less Appealing: Some cats might not find boiled chicken as enticing as raw meat.

Whether you encourage your cat to eat raw chicken or prefer to feed your cat boiled chicken, it’s essential to ensure the chicken’s quality and freshness. Always monitor your cat’s reaction when introducing new foods, and consult a veterinarian for tailored advice.

Alternatives That You Can Feed Your Cats Instead of Chicken

While you might wonder, “Can I feed my cat chicken every day?” it’s crucial to understand that a cat’s diet needs variety. Relying solely on chicken might deprive your feline friend of essential nutrients.

Dry food is a great option for your cat
Dry food is a great option for your cat

To ensure your cat is getting a balanced diet, consider these alternatives:

  • Dry Cat Food: Many high-quality dry food brands are nutritionally complete. It can be a daily staple, ensuring your cat receives all vital nutrients.
  • Wet Food: Cats sometimes prefer the texture and taste of wet food. It also adds moisture to their diet, which can benefit hydration.
  • Other Meats: Instead of feeding chicken daily, combine it with protein sources like turkey, lamb, or fish. Remember, when introducing new meats, especially sushi-grade chicken, start by giving it to your cat in small amounts and monitor for any adverse reactions.
  • Homemade Cat Food: If you give my cat homemade meals, research recipes and ensure you include all the necessary nutrients. Occasionally, you might omit the chicken to ensure your cat gets a broader range of nutrients.


Is too much chicken bad for a cat?

PetMD suggests that giving your cat small chicken portions is okay but shouldn’t replace their regular meals. Ensure the chicken is plain, without any oils or seasonings, as these can cause stomach issues for your feline friend.

Can you feed a cat cooked chicken every day?

It’s essential to balance your cat’s diet even if you’re giving them chicken. Offering only chicken over an extended period can result in a lack of vital nutrients. Always avoid giving your cat the raw meat meant for our consumption.

Is it OK for a cat to only eat chicken?

Relying solely on home-cooked chicken for your cat’s diet might lead to amino acid deficiencies, causing various health problems. Dark meat is a better choice if you’re giving chicken as a treat due to its higher taurine levels.

Can I feed my cat chicken wet food every day?

Cats benefit from eating wet food daily since it aligns well with their digestive systems. Cats consume insects, small animals, and birds in the wild, so their bodies are adapted to digest high-protein, low-carb raw meat.

Can I feed my cat boiled chicken and rice every day?

Rice mainly helps firm the stool and isn’t necessary for healthy cats. Regularly feeding them a chicken and rice combo can lead to nutritional imbalances, like not getting enough protein. Cats typically require about five grams of proteins daily per kilo of their weight.


The question, “Can I feed my cat chicken every day?” is one that many cat owners ponder. While chicken can be a delightful treat and a good source of protein, it’s essential to balance your feline’s diet. To ensure safety, the chicken must also be appropriately prepared, whether boiled or raw. 

It’s always best to consult a veterinarian before making significant dietary changes. This way, you ensure that whatever chicken you get for your cat and however often your cat eats it, it remains a healthy and beneficial part of their diet.


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